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The film and TV market is so saturated.

You need to be different.

PRO-toys is the solution!

Enhance your content and benefit from years of experience in special effects.

Would you like to add high-quality innovative Special Effects such as the Bullet Time / time slice effect? 

Our success has been widely proven with local and international awards!


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Creating Content with Special Effects

Ready to service you,

to create amazing content with special effects

for your production, with an affordable price!

What value can PRO-toys add to your Professional Film/TV production?

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  • Full frame with 6K Highest Quality in bullet time filming mode or APS-C (1.5x) with 5K Quality in bullet time filming mode depending on your production budget
  • High Precision with 1/5,000 millisecond shutter speed (control continuous shutter 5,000 cameras in one second)
  • Almost Real time preview available for MP4 Clips
  • Stability and Reliability guaranteed with Multi-DSLR Control Embedded technology
  • More SFX Creation as you need such as Freeze, Slow motion (Bullet time), 3D Light Drawing, Warp motion and more!
  • Fast and easy to set up with our expert technical and operations team, with years of experience.